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Property Type:Single Family Home
Lot Size SqFt:20,252
Zoning Code:X
Max Stories Allowed:2.50
Max Living Area Allowed:5,000
Area Available For Additions:5,000

Max levels is set to default: 2.50
Max sq. footage calculated with default far 0.45: 5,000.00
Purchase Price:
Asking Price:
Cash Out-of-Pocket:
Potential ROI due to Market Value Gain:
Total Cost/Expenses:
New Market Value Estimate:
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The Assumptions & Disclosure:
  • Parcelion ROI estimates depend on project costs, finish materials, loan(s) terms, market conditions, and do not include sales taxes, permit fees or hazardous material removal costs. The estimates should only be used for preliminary planning and should not substitute the firm quotes from qualified team of Professionals.
  • Provided sample project description, costs and value are courtesy of
  • Completing projects may require consulting with local city or jurisdiction authorities
  • After-project property market values are calculated based on comparable properties
  • Zoning rules and regulations are collected from local cities and jurisdictions


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