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ParceLion Services

Custom Search

Our company website offers custom search for properties and parcels that may be attractive for new development, rebuilding, additions, and remodeling projects resulting in lucrative returns on investment (ROI).

Compliant Profitable Projects

For each selected property our website will calculate and suggest one or more profitable projects containing relevant financial details, including out-of-pocket expenses, mortgage and construction loan terms, cash-on-cash ROI, timeframe, etc.
Our projects will be:

  • compliant with local city or jurisdiction rules and regulations;
  • optimized for maximum living area allowed, savings, ROI, and quality of services, fixtures, and materials.

Teams of Professionals

To complete selected projects on time and within the budget while maximizing your potential profits, we will pick the best teams of trusted Professionals from our massive database of rated specialists.

Daily Alerts

Subscribed users may receive daily alerts with a list of attractive properties and potentially profitable investment projects prepared automatically according to user profile and preferences. User can review and customize any selected project options and request the team of Professionals to complete it.